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What a fun read! When Kellie Murphy starts her new job in the bakeshop of the Forktados supermarket in Yarmouth, MA, she has no idea that her coworkers include a zombie, a werewolf—and a paranormal investigator. As if the weirdos at work aren’t enough, she’s being haunted at home—by a […]

Book Review: Freaking Forktados by Janet Garulay

I was so excited when I found one of my favorite Chardonnay’s on sale at the local wine store. Of course, I bought a bottle of the Sebastiani 2014 North Coast. Brought it home, put it in the fridge to chill. It stayed there for a week, unopened. I brought […]

What’s Your Wine Budget?

Autonomy by Jude Houghton My rating: 4 of 5 stars Set in the not-too-distant future, this dystopian novel envisions the world after a climate catastrophe has dissolved governments and left a single corporation in control of people’s lives. The lucky Elite live in Sector 1, where the rich and powerful […]

Book Review: Autonomy by Jude Houghton

For my birthday present last year, my daughter gave me a weekend away at a hotel in my own town. It felt a little funny packing a suitcase and driving across town to spend the night, but her thought was that I could have uninterrupted writing time—a little mini-writer’s retreat […]

Writing Retreats

Your children are begging you to write down the family stories you told them at the dinner table while they were growing up, but you haven’t the faintest idea how to begin. Writing about your whole life is a daunting task. Besides, your life was ordinary, not very interesting, who’d want to read about that?

Ten Tips for Starting Your Memoirs

A few years ago, I attended a reading by novelist Percival Everett. He read from one of his published novels, then he read a bit from his current work in progress. Afterward, I commented to him that his draft seemed very clean. He said, “It’s the result of being a […]

Finding Your Pace