Book Review: Freaking Forktados by Janet Garulay

Freaking Fortados cover image

Freaking Fortados cover image

What a fun read! When Kellie Murphy starts her new job in the bakeshop of the Forktados supermarket in Yarmouth, MA, she has no idea that her coworkers include a zombie, a werewolf—and a paranormal investigator. As if the weirdos at work aren’t enough, she’s being haunted at home—by a ghost and by her ex, the cheating bastard who can still manipulate her heartstrings.

Over the course of several full moons, Kellie experiences a lot of paranormal activity in the great bogs of Yarmouth with her new love interest, Eric, the paranormal investigator.

Garulay is a gifted writer who mixes the bizarre and the mundane in totally believable ways. This is a light, fun book and a quick read—perfect for taking to the beach. And while the main story wraps up nicely, there are plenty of hints for more Forktados fun to come.

Freaking Forktados is part of Garulay’s Bakeshop Paranormal series subtitled “cupcakes and creatures served fresh.” It is a fresh take on the genre.

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