Royal II Restaurant & Grill a Friendly, Family Restaurant

I recently tried the Royal II Restaurant and Grill on Route 6A in Yarmouth Port for the first time. It’s been there for a few years but when I get a chance to go out to dinner, I usually want something a little more upscale, something like the Olde Yarmouth Inne or Scargo Café. Royal II is more of a pizza parlor than fine dining establishment.
But it’s a clean, friendly place with excellent wait staff, a diverse menu, and great food not limited to pizza. Though the night I was there, every table got a couple of thin slices of plain pizza as a complimentary appetizer.
I was torn between ordering the Feta Burger, which is described as a lamb burger stuffed with feta cheese, served with spinach, tomato and olives. Next time. For my first visit, I settled on the moussaka, a beef and eggplant dish made fresh at the Royal II every day.
It came with a Greek salad that was served first. The lettuce was fresh and crisp, lots of onion, sliced green pepper, shredded carrots, an olive or two, and loads of feta cheese. The dressing, served on the side, was rich and creamy. I cleaned my salad plate so when the generous portion of moussaka arrived flanked by two pieces of cheesy bread, I immediately cut it in half and planned my lunch for the next day. While the eggplant on the bottom was a little overdone and crusty in places, the meat and topping were delicious.
My dining companion ordered pasta primavera. She was impressed by the quantity of vegetables that topped the angel hair pasta and how thinly sliced they were.  She has a cheese intolerance so could not eat the cheesy bread that came with hers (more for me, then) so the waitress generously toasted some plain bread for her so she didn’t miss out.
Too full to look at the dessert menu, I ordered coffee while my companion finished her wine. But when a complimentary small dish of vanilla ice cream was placed in front of me, I didn’t turn it down.
I knew the place was popular judging by how full the parking lot often is when I drive by and I’d heard good things about it from people who have eaten there. And I concur. It’s a small, family-friendly, casual restaurant with great Mediterranean food. I highly recommend it.

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