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The Captain’s Lady

A Regency-set historical romance. 188 pages. ISBN 978-0997503210 (trade paperback) $8.99; ISBN 978-0997503203 (epub) $1.99; Kindle Edition $1.99. Available now

A Runaway Bride

Jenny Carlisle’s indiscretion led to an arranged marriage with a man she cannot abide. Defying her father she refuses to go through with the ceremony. Fleeing to the safety of her aunt in Bath, she finds herself stranded alone at an inn.

A Returning War Hero

Wounded on the Peninsula, Captain Richard Mortimer is making his way home when a storm waylays him. He knows as soon as he sees the young, unaccompanied woman in the taproom that she’s no strumpet selling her wares, but a lady who needs to be rescued.

A Marriage of Convenience

Jenny needs the security of Mortimer’s name and protection. Mortimer wants the family Jenny can provide. Their arrangement appears to be a match made in heaven until a tragic accident changes everything. Mortimer releases Jenny from their agreement but Jenny refuses to be cast aside. Inconvenient or not, she will remain the captain’s lady.